Winter Faculty Compensation

The payscale for faculty teaching during our winter sessions.

Undergraduate Course Compensation Rate

Faculty who are not on contract, and who opt to engage in additional undergraduate teaching in the winter, will be compensated at the standard overload rate per credit hour used throughout the traditional academic year. For winter session 2022, the compensation rate is $1,776.50 per credit. 

Graduate Course Compensation Rate

The graduate course compensation rate is slightly different, based on $868.00 per credit and factors in course credits and course enrollment. Please contact oes@ithaca.edu to discuss compensation based on the course credits and anticipated enrollment.

Minimum Course Enrollment

Minimum course enrollment for full compensation will be 8 students, and faculty may have the opportunity to agree to prorated compensation in the event course enrollment does not reach the threshold prior to the cutoff date posted by the Office of Extended Studies.  

  • The cut-off date for minimum enrollment will be five business days before the start of the session sub-term when the course is scheduled.

  • OES may cancel classes with fewer than eight students enrolled at the cut-off date, especially if enrolled students have other intersession course options to complete degree progress.

  • Classes where enrollment drops unexpectedly below minimum enrollment within five days of the course start may run as scheduled, provided faculty are willing to teach at a prorated rate.

  • Compensation is based on enrollment three days after the end of the add/drop period.  

Please reach out to OES with questions if you are concerned your course is under-enrolled.

To encourage student retention, faculty are encouraged to contact enrolled students two to three weeks before the course start date. Reports of non-responsive students can be sent to OES@ithaca.edu for follow-up.

Independent Studies

For instruction of independent studies a faculty member is compensated at 10% of the overload per credit rate, currently $177.65 per credit.

Internship or Fieldwork Supervision

For internship or fieldwork supervision, a faculty member is compensated at 10% of the overload per credit rate, currently $177.65 per credit.