Have questions about the Ithaca Summer Seminars? You're not alone! Browse these FAQs for our best replies.

When are these seminars?

Dates for summer 2022 will be available soon.

When do I have to pay?

Tuition will be charged automatically to your student account and due with fall semester bills (end of August / early September). For questions about your financial account, email Student Financial Services (sfs@ithaca.edu).

When can I register?

Registration will begin in April to mid-June! Visit your application status and locate the link for the Ithaca Summer Seminars in your New Student Checklist.

How do I register?

For the Ithaca Summer Seminars, you'll be registering in your application status portal. Registration will look differently for fall, but this summer, the registration system doesn't identify you as a student, yet. So you'll be indicating your course requests in the portal, then we will register you behind the scenes. No, you don't need to know the CRN for the Ithaca Summer Seminars.

Where can I find the meeting schedule?

The meeting schedule will be post in April. Just login to your application status portal, and find the Ithaca Summer Seminars on your New Student Checklist. (Ithaca Summer Seminars is an optional program, so look for it among the optional to-dos.) The meeting schedule for each course will be listed beside the course itself on the registration form. You'll select a course and a meeting time both at once, the same as you will in the fall and spring semesters. Registration opens in April and goes until mid-June.

What will be the platform for synchronous meeting?

Courses will meet synchronously in ZOOM.

Do I have to attend every class meeting?

Participation is required to pass the course. Seminars are scheduled with a variety of meeting times. Select a time that will be least interruptive to your work schedule or other personal commitments. Should you have to miss one or more synchronous class meetings, they’ll be recorded, so you can make up an absence.

Could this ruin my GPA before I even start?

This experience is designed to allow you to take risks and engage with subjects brand new to you. Seminars are offered pass/fail. A failing grade will negatively impact a student’s GPA. Students may be removed from a seminar in cases of extended non-participation, because participation is required for a passing grade.

I'm starting to register, but why do I see only two class options?

Registration in the deep dive courses is contingent upon registering for a foundation course. Select one of the foundation courses (College or Community), and you will be given the opportunity to register for the rest.

Do I have to take a foundation course (College or Community) to be allowed to register for a deep dive?


How do I know who's teaching?

IC faculty designed each of these one-credit courses; however, with courses capped at 20 students, over 1,200 students invited to register, courses have teaching teams. You'll meet the specific faculty member (or team of instructors) in the days leading up to the course launch.

Are these seminar classes available during the fall and spring semesters?

The Ithaca Summer Seminars are available only for incoming students in the summer before their first year.

How will the one-credit Ithaca Summer Seminar courses apply to my degree?

The answer to this question is different for each student, depending on your major, and whether or not you'll have college credits transferred in. The Ithaca Summer Seminars are all considered Liberal Arts (LA) courses. That means they will count toward a student's general LA pool of credits toward graduation. So, for example, the Park School has a large pool of LA non-Park credits required, so these credits would apply there.  On the other hand, individual programs might decide to use these credits to satisfy a restricted elective area, if appropriate. If you have questions about how these credits will apply to your degree specifically, you can ask our Academic Advising Center.

Do the Ithaca Summer Seminars satisfy my required ICSM seminar?

No. All incoming students must register for a four-credit Ithaca College Seminar (ICSM) in their fall semester as an Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) requirement. The Ithaca SUMMER seminars are a different, optional program and do not count toward the 4-credit ICSM requirement for all IC students.