School of Music students - Get ready!

Enroll in Notes & Keys - a one-credit, asynchronous course for $150 this summer to prepare you for Aural Skills I, Keyboard Musicianship I, and Fundamentals of Music Theory this fall.

June 29 - July 31, 2020

Master fundamental skills for first-year musicianship courses Aural Skills I, Keyboard Musicianship I, and Fundamentals of Music Theory through MUMC 10000 Notes and Keys (1 cr).

This self-paced course ($150) allows students to advance their music literacy skills while learning basic vocal and keyboard performance techniques, even without access to a keyboard. Students have the option to complete extra modules, which can serve as a review for the Keyboard and Theory placement exams.  

These core musicianship courses support all the programming in the Ithaca College School of Music. They reinforce the concepts and skills used in private lessons, ensembles, and other music-related coursework. Students ready to succeed in core musicianship classes are ready to succeed in other aspects of their music degree. This rich intellectual and musical experience will allow students to achieve three Student Learning Outcomes:  

1.    Students will demonstrate the foundational knowledge necessary to successfully complete first-year musicianship courses.

2.    Students will demonstrate practice strategies and performance techniques necessary to successfully complete first-year musicianship courses.

3.    Students will demonstrate study and time management skills appropriate for success in School of Music.

This low-risk, pass/fail course will be administered through Ithaca College's online learning platform (Sakai) using only free electronic resources.

While this course is asynchronous, students will receive weekly, personalized feedback on their performance and ample opportunities for one-to-one and small group instruction with the faculty and the (free) peer tutor.

Taught by Laura Amoriello (Performance Studies) and Crystal Peebles (Theory, History, and Composition).

Registration now open. Login to your application status portal and find the link to register in your New Student Checklist (optional item). Registration will remain open until June 24.

(Note registration in Notes and Keys is distinct from participation in the Ithaca Summer Seminars. We recommend both!) Tuition charges will be applied to students' accounts and payable on the fall semester payment schedule.)