Would you like to teach for honors?

Honors is an all-college program and we encourage faculty from all schools and all majors to teach for honors.

All full-time, continuing Ithaca College faculty are eligible to teach for honors and thereby become members of the Ithaca College Honors Faculty.

If you are interested in teaching a course, please follow these steps: 

  1. Discuss your interest in teaching for honors with your department chair.   
  2. Please let us know of your interest in teaching by submitting the Interest Form.  There is a more extensive Course Proposal required if you want to teach a 3-credit course.     
  3. The Honors Steering Committee will review and respond.   
  4. Submit the Request to Schedule Form. Our schedule is due in early September for the upcoming spring semester and early February for the following fall semester. 
  5. Request that your department chair send their approval to honors@ithaca.edu
  6. The Honors Steering Committee approves the schedule and notifies you to confirm.