The vast majority of Honors students are invited to apply to the program as part of the admissions process and enter the program as first-semester freshmen. During their first semester, new Honors students will:

  • Have the opportunity to live in the Honors Residential Learning Community (we encourage it!) and be part of an engaged, open, and enthusiastic community.
  • Be part of the “bigs and littles” program where each freshman is paired with a returning honors student to facilitate orientation to the program and to college in general.
  • Participate with their “bigs” in the Honors welcome pizza party the day before classes start.
  • Take an Honors Ithaca College Seminar (ICSM).
  • Spend a Saturday afternoon at the Cayuga Nature Center with all the other freshman honors students.
  • Participate in monthly coffee talks.
  • Participate in the once-per-semester ice cream social.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in an honors trip, such as whitewater rafting, the Shaw Festival, or backpacking.
  • Participate in the Honors holiday banquet.

Our goal during students’ first semester is to engage them in the honors community!