The London Honors Semester

Each fall, Honors students can take their studies across the pond for a full semester at Ithaca's London Center!

The honors semester in London has three components:

(1) A specially designed honors seminar, London as Text. The city itself is the text you study.

(2) Choices from a variety of liberal arts courses, such as Shakespeare; The London Theatre; British Art and Architecture; Irish Literature; and many others.

(3) A special trip, funded in part by the honors program, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival—perhaps the most exciting arts festival in the world!

(Note to theatre students: Participation in the London honors semester is designed to be wholly compatible with the London Drama Program, including Interrelationships.)

Ithaca College London Center

Ithaca College owns a beautiful building in West Kensington, one of the nicest neighborhoods in London. There, IC faculty and British professors teach a variety of exciting and challenging courses that will count directly toward your academic program.

London as Text

The centerpiece of the London honors semester is the 3-credit honors seminar London as Text, taught by Bill Sheasgreen, director of the Ithaca College London Center. In this seminar, students encounter the city of London in a variety of ways—cultural, social, political, and artistic. The seminar meets occasionally in a classroom, but most of the time students actively engage the text: the endlessly fascinating city of London. This intermediate honors seminar counts toward progress through the honors program.


Costs and Accommodations


Tuition at the London Center is the same as at the Ithaca College home campus. All financial aid and scholarships can be applied to this program.

Room and Board

In London, students typically rent a flat, often with other Ithaca College students. Payment is arranged directly between students and landlords. Note that tuition includes a limited period of accommodation at a London hotel to ensure that students have a safe place to stay while they seek housing.

The Ithaca College London Center does not offer a meal plan. Students are responsible for making their own arrangements for meals. Students are also responsible for the cost of round-trip transportation between the United States and London.

How to Apply

The honors semester in London is open to all students in the Ithaca College Honors Program as well as to students enrolled in honors programs at other colleges and universities.

(1) Inform the honors director that you plan to participate.

(2) Attend an informational session in January prior to the academic year in which you plan to study abroad.

(3) Apply to attend the London Center through the Office of International Programs.