First Semester in Honors*

Most Honors students apply to the program as part of the admission process and enter the program as first-semester freshmen.

During your first semester as an honors student, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to live in the Honors Residential Learning Community (we encourage it!) and be part of an engaged, open, and enthusiastic community.
  • Take an Honors Ithaca College Seminar (ICSM).
  • Dive into topics that interest you with mentoring from your seminar professor.  
  • Develop your relationship with your first-year Honors cohort.
  • Participate in panels and workshops.
  • Celebrate the end of semester with students and faculty.

Our goal during students’ first semester is to engage them in the honors community!

It was great being with other students who share a love for learning. The professor was always energetic and funny, the topics were interesting and fresh, and we built a really great community.

First-year honors student