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Honors Residential Learning Community

Honors students

The honors residential learning community (RLC), begun in 1999, provides a unique space for the development of a true honors community. It offers many opportunities for enjoyment and enrichment and is the perfect option for honors students who wish to live in a program-specific residential hall.

The goals of the honors residential learning community (RLC) are:

  • to develop a strong sense of community among students participating in the honors housing program;
  • to offer an environment conducive to a free exchange of ideas as well as opportunities for discussion that integrate topics from students’ coursework;
  • to provide additional out-of-class opportunities for students to interact with honors faculty members;
  • to provide a community living experience that is supportive of students’ academic success and interests; and
  • to promote honors students’ academic leadership.

The Honors RLC is in Lyon Hall and features a larger kitchen than other residence halls as well as a small computer lab. First-year students, along with some returning honors students, live together on the honors floor, where they have the advantage of meeting and interacting with veteran honors students who are familiar with the college and who can welcome them into the larger honors community. Special honors programming is also available to students in the Honors RLC. First-year students who live in the Honors RLC also benefit from First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE) programming.

Honors HQ

The Honors Program headquarters is located on the garden level (first floor) of the Peggy Ryan Williams Center.

The office of the Honors Program director (PRW-072) shares the suite with the Center for Civic Engagement. The honors study lounge and honors computer lab are across the hall in PRW-070 and 068. We also have an office for advising (066). Restrooms and a shared full kitchen are around the corner.

The lounge and computer lab are accessible 24-hours a day to honors students using your ID card. The kitchen has a microwave, toaster, refrigerator, and a nice space for eating or studying. The study lounge has comfortable chairs, a sofa, and tables as well as a "Caffeination Station" with a kettle, coffee maker, tea, coffee and cocoa.  A large monitor is available for use with a laptop for group projects, and the Honors chalkboard is often used for messages and inspired poetry.

The computer lounge offers high-speed Internet access and free printing for Honors students.