Are you ready for a challenge?

Explore a topic in depth, participate in activities that fuel your learning, and expand your intellect through meaningful discussions.

Honors classes are designed to challenge you academically and to foster a culture of intellectual inquiry. We offer a variety of three-credit and one-credit seminars to feed your curiosity, challenge your thinking, and expand your intellect. Often, professors and the program supplement classroom education with out-of-class activities such as trips or speakers. To a greater extent than other students, you are held personally responsible for your own learning. Our classes include:

  • Honors Ithaca seminars (4 credits): All incoming first-year students take an Ithaca Seminar during the fall semester, but Honors students have their own seminars from which to choose. Special presentations during the semester help orient students to the Honors Program.

  • Honors academic seminars (3 credits) are the backbone of the honors academic experience. Designed to engage students’ intellectual curiosity and to provide a highly enhanced liberal arts experience, these intensive seminars often focus on a problem or theme that is investigated and deconstructed from multiple perspectives. Examples include Music, Math, and Biology; Sex, Gender, and Desire; Digital Cultures; and Creativity and Madness. Seminars vary by semester; see the Fall 2020 honors course listing or take a look at seminars from years past.

  • Honors short seminars (1 credit) are distinctive seminars on a variety of focused topics with a singular theme. Examples are slow reads (delve deeply into one great book), Tracking (learn to read the forest), and Wagner's Ring Cycle (delve deeply into one great opera). Short seminars vary by semester; see the spring Fall 2020 course listing or take a look at seminars from years past.

Honors Ithaca seminars and honors intermediate seminars help satisfy general education and Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) requirements as well as Complementary Liberal Arts (CLA) requirements in some schools.

Can I take Honors courses if I'm not in the Honors program?

If you are not enrolled in the Ithaca College Honors Program, you may take honors seminars provided that an opening in the section exists and that the instructor gives permission. Interested students should contact the honors program director.