Life after ICNYC

Here is a list of students who participated in ICNYC.  They have since graduated from Ithaca and are now working in the field that their internship prepared them for

Student                  Major ICNYC Internship Currently
James 'JD' Blank '12 Television-Radio Aero Films, Intern Analyst, Operations Planning & Partnerships, AMC Networks
Grace Bleiweis '13 Television-Radio Saturday Night Live, Script Dept. Marketing, Cogent Entertainment Marketing
Laura Butler '15 Television-Radio Pop2Life, Marketing Intern Researcher, MLB Networks
Rachael Cohen '14 Integrated Marketing Communications Seventeen Magazine. Photo Dept. Assistant Media Buyer/Planner, Crowley Webb, Buffalo, NY
Karla Ann Cote '13 Documentary Studies and Production City Limits, Multimedia Intern Photographer, Nur Photo Agency
Jack Curran '15 Journalism City Limits, Editorial Intern Industry Research Analyst, IBIS World
Jill Emmighausen '13 Integrated Marketing Communications NBC Bravo, Public Relations Dept. Marketing Specialist, Summit Federal Credit Union, Rochester, NY
Carly Gill '13 Television-Radio The Late Show with David Letterman Story Producer, Cakehouse Media
Sakura Holst '13 Integrated Marketing Communications Allied Integrated Marketing Independent Contracted Writer, Gofobo
Ansley Hulbert '13 Business Administration, Marketing NBC Universal, Production Intern NBC Universal, Production Assistant
Scott Koblick '13, MBA '14 Accounting PwC Investment Management, Tax Intern PwC, Tax Associate
Talia Koren '14 Cinema and Photography

NBC Universal, Writers Research Intern

Comedy Central, Development Intern

Staff Writer, Elite Daily
Jillian Kowalowski '13 Accounting PwC Investment Management, Tax Intern  PwC, Tax Associate, Investment Management
Alexandra Light '13 Communications Management and Design City Parks Foundation, Marketing Intern Senior Manager, Client Services, Mosaic Sales Solutions
Darren McGee '13 Integrated Marketing Communications CBS Consumer Products Account Executive, IGN Entertainment
Emily Menez '13 Integrated Marketing Communications Saturday Night Live, Script Dept. IFC Marketing & Production Coordinator, AMC Networks
Mathea Millman '13 Cinema and Photography

Bullett Magazine, Photo Intern

Elle Magazine, Photo Editing Intern

Jr. Photo Associate, NY Times Style Magazine
Gina Muir '13 Television-Radio Saturday Night Live, Script Dept. Shed Media Group, Post Production Assistant
Michael Pane '13 Accounting PwC, Assurance Intern PKF O'Connor Davies, Audit Staff - Financial Services
Nicole Panuccio '15 Integrated Marketing Communications Walt Disney Studios, Motion Pictures Marketing Intern Advertising Sales Assistant, Fox Broadcasting Networks
Connell Pritchard '15 Business Administration Pine Bridge Investments Sales Analyst Ernst & Young FSO Business Advisor Program Intern
Benjamin Smith '14 Business Administration, Marketing Madison Square Garden Co., Marketing Partnerships Student Associate PSP Unlimited, Marketing Associate
Julie Sullivan '15 Television-Radio The Late Show with David Letterman Production Assistant, Country Music Television