News From The Director

September 6, 2019

ICNYC is ready and waiting for students who want to check their readiness to make a mark in their major field. Finding the right internship and NYC housing is not a painless process, but judging from the experiences of 300+ alumni of the program, it can be the best semester you’ve had at Ithaca. Help and advice are provided for the internship and housing searches.

During the 2018-19 academic year, students interned at over 30 sites including finance and accounting firms, media and production agencies, networks, public relations firms, universities, and other not-for-profits. A number of graduating seniors were offered jobs at their internship sites.

In addition to internship hours, students took both on-site and on-line courses to maintain their full-time status and they met as a group at the internship seminar and at weekend activities. Ithaca alumni were frequent seminar guest speakers and mentors.

One School of Business student interned for a major financial services firm as a client services representative. She found the work to be stressful at times, but rewarding. Her biggest reward was being asked to stay for the summer in a paid position. Another Park student returned to the advertising agency where he had interned the prior summer. His work in new business development was far more in-depth and demanding than his summer internship, but it led to a job offer at the end of the semester.

Hersey Egginton, Director