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School of Business students can participate in the New York City Internship Program (offered fall and spring semesters), which is the core of the College’s presence in New York City. All juniors and seniors, regardless of major, are invited to apply. Second-semester sophomores will be considered if it makes academic sense.

New York City internship students enroll in one 6-credit internship (or two 3-credit internships) and at least 6 credits of coursework. Participants are required to be full-time students; that is, they must be enrolled at Ithaca College for a minimum of 12 credits.

Students interested in applying for the New York City Internship Program do so in keeping with the internship application process for their school after having met with the academic adviser for their major.

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“I worked at an employee retention strategies firm as a marketing associate in midtown Manhattan. It was an easy commute from my place on the Upper East Side and overall an unbelievable experience. As part of the Art and Architecture in New York City course, I was able to spend my Saturday afternoons navigating the outer boroughs of the city and expanding my knowledge of art. I will never forget the feeling of walking down Fifth Avenue during the holiday season, spending weekend nights in the meatpacking district, exploring Greenwich Village, taking countless subway rides, and feeling alive after getting out of work to find that the city never sleeps. And neither should you when you live in New York City with your best friends!”

Kathryn McKenna '15, Business Administration (Marketing Concentration)

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