An electronic learning portfolio (eportfolio) is an online collection of student work that may be used for assessment, demonstrating accomplishments, or learning and reflection. The eportfolio was introduced as part of the ICC in part to help students understand and articulate how experiences in the classroom and outside of the classroom (e.g., residential experience, student activities, athletics, student employment) have contributed to their learning. The eportfolio allows students to collect artifacts (assignments or other tangible products) from each of their ICC courses along with reflections on their learning over the course of their time here.

Fall 2021 Update: While most sections of the ICC eportfolio are no longer required, students still complete the CLA and Capstone portions, so that, upon graduation, they can articulate how their college learning experiences in totality have contributed to their development of specific knowledge, skills, and competencies. Check out the updated FAQs here.