Transform Your Perspective on Life

Innovative thinkers who can reflect and engage (quickly) are in high demand. The path to becoming that thinker starts here.

 I can now see how these classes were not just to meet a liberal arts requirement but to deepen my understanding of how I think and to practice being open-minded and exploring unknown areas. 

M.G. Class of 2022

What is the Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC)?

The ICC is a set of thought-provoking academic experiences designed to help you connect concepts across disciplines. These courses are woven through every step of your academic journey.  

  • Your introductory seminar will cover strategies for transitioning to life as a college student as well as the unique benefits of combining theory, practice, and performance at IC.  

  • You’ll choose one of six possible themes that will weave a connective thread through your learning experience. (Examples of the themes include Identities, Power and Justice, The Quest for a Sustainable Future, and A World of Systems).  

  • You’ll examine that theme — a set of overarching ideas — through four different perspectives or lenses: creative arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.  

  • Each new learning experience will expand your point of view, challenge you to think differently, and help you develop analytical and problem-solving skills that are critical to your future success. The result? You’ll learn to integrate ideas analytically and comprehensively. 

How will the ICC prepare me for success in my career and in life? 

Knowing how to adapt, translate, and integrate new concepts are crucial skills in the professional world. The ICC helps you learn to discern and apply what matters most in class and in the world, and is the common thread that can give you (and all IC students) a professional edge. 

What kind of support does the program offer?

You will find ongoing support and enthusiasm for your voice — as well as your insights and discoveries — as you become more reflective in charting your academic path. Your mentor will help you navigate different subjects and academic disciplines in refreshing ways. 

The Cumulative Effect of ICC

Through the ICC, you’ll deepen and enrich your perspective. As a result of the ICC's courses and pathways, you’ll learn to spark new ideas to solve challenging problems in your field, your community, and the world. You’ll become a thoughtful, effective, and fully prepared professional as well as an engaged citizen and lifelong learner.  

For Current Students

For questions about ICC requirements, course registration, and your electronic learning portfolio
Contact: Integrative Core Curriculum

For Faculty & Staff

For questions about the Ithaca Seminar
Contact: Coordinator of the Ithaca Seminar Program
Andrew Utterson, Associate Professor of Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies

For All Other Inquiries

Contact: Director of the Integrative Core Curriculum
Susan Adams Delaney, Associate Professor of Writing