Mathematics-Computer Science (B.S.)

Are you fascinated by computers and mathematics? Interested in studying both subjects without an ambitious double-major schedule? Then consider our dual-major mathematics-computer science program.

Designed for students who seek a deeper understanding of both advanced mathematics and cutting-edge computing, the program offers a balanced curriculum that allows you to pursue both passions equally. This allows in-depth study in both fields without subordinating one to the other. In addition, program flexibility allows you to transfer easily to a major program in either subject up to the middle of junior year, should your academic interests change.

In addition to acquiring fundamental and advanced math skills, you'll gain a firm understanding of computer and information technologies and programming. You'll also gain fluency in a variety of programming languages, such as Java and C++.

You'll work closely with faculty and fellow students on team projects in both computing and mathematics. For example, one team is working on an innovative, projects-based curriculum in first-year calculus. In our virtual reality lab, students are exploring the uses of advanced virtual reality equipment and software in medical therapeutics.

Through your experience you'll gain organizational skills and be well prepared for all the intellectual and professional challenges that lie ahead. The program will prepare you for a career in some of today's most dynamic fields, including systems design, software design, programming, and information management. Dual-major graduates have also gone on to study for doctoral and M.B.A. degrees at prestigious schools worldwide.