• Any student interested in becoming a music minor must audition for, and be accepted on, a major instrument or voice.
  • To schedule an audition, complete the Audition Request Form. Call (607) 274-3366 or e-mail music@ithaca.edu with questions. Auditions for the music minor take place at the end of each semester, typically December and May.
  • Additional information can be found on the Auditions website, including requirements per instrument.

Visit the catalog for all course requirements (total of 22 credits)

Required courses taken prior to admission to the Music Minor

  • Students may take required Music Theory, Aural Skills, Music History, and Ensemble coursework prior to admission into the Music Minor. Such coursework will be credited toward the minor once the student is accepted into the program. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in Fundamentals of Music Theory or take the Fundamental placement exam as soon as possible.
  • Private lessons designed for the Music Minor (PFMJ XXX01) may not be scheduled prior to a successful audition. (Credits received for private lessons for non-majors (MUNM XXX00) prior to a successful audition to the Music Minor will count toward completion of the Minor requirements. These lessons require an additional performance fee (approximately $180) and require an audition during summer orientation sessions or by appointment. Please contact Ms. Dianne Zamoiski at (607) 274-3366 for further information.)

Recommended course sequence

  • Upon acceptance into the minor, students are required to take Fundamentals of Music Theory.
  • Music Minors are required to take supporting coursework or perform in an ensemble in conjunction with private lessons. However, paths through the minor can vary according to when the student enters, and the number of credits available in their schedules.
  • Some suggested paths are available in the minor schematics. Students should work with their minor advisor to determine the best route.
  • Scheduling guidelines for specific requirements include:

Performance requirements (private lessons and ensembles) should be fulfilled in consecutive semesters, though not necessarily concurrently. Lessons and ensembles are available every semester, so Music Minors may start their performances sequence anytime.

Theory: The Fundamentals of Music Theory (fall only) and Musical Styles should be fulfilled in the fall semester immediately after a student is accepted into the music minor, if not before. (Musical Styles is available in spring semester, but only on a limited basis.) Music Theory I should be taken in the following spring semester.

Aural Skills I and II should be taken consecutively. Aural Skills I in fall and II in spring provide the greatest flexibility.

Music History I and II should be taken consecutively.

Please note that Music Minors do not take Performance Repertoire and Pedagogy, nor do they perform semester juries or recitals.