Health and Exercise

Ithaca’s health and exercise programs prepare you for work in clinical, training, policymaking, research, or graduate school settings. As the science of keeping fit continues to evolve, improved treatment for injury and the training to prevent injury re in high demand, and our curricula help students get ready for the challenge. You’ll augment your coursework by prescribing fitness programs at the wellness clinic or working with students on our intercollegiate athletics teams.

Students interested in general health issues, including current scientific methods or the business of managed care, can choose from a host of programs that will prepare them for work in clinical, research, or graduate school settings. With a broad foundation in the liberal arts and social sciences coupled with in-depth study of current health care topics such as public and community health, nutrition, and epidemiology, these programs enable you to pursue anything from traditional services to alternative therapies.

The Health Sciences Preprofessional Program is designed specifically for students looking to explore their options. Take up to four semesters to look at our programs in the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance: strong academic advising will keep you on track for graduation.

Degree Programs