Social and Behavioral Sciences

Ithaca's programs in the social and behavioral sciences combine their research components with in-depth examinations of social issues, study of problem-solving techniques, and challenging off-campus activities.

Consider traveling to an archaeological dig or investigating the causes of global poverty. Gain a working knowledge of politics through fieldwork and internship experience in corporate and governmental settings, or at our centers in Washington and London. Psychology students have studied the effects of television through interviewing subjects in the Center for Research on the Effects of Television. Sociology majors take to the streets, schools, and the Web to examine societal complexity. And sport studies majors use these disciplines and more into their analysis of the fans, the media, and the business of sport.

At Ithaca, social and behavioral sciences aren’t just majors -- they encourage students to find out what it means to be human.

Degree Programs

* Leads to initial New York State teacher certification