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We've made every effort to make the Major Finder a useful resource for our visitors. However, sometimes our majors do not match the specific interests of our students. If this is true for you, you might be interested in our planned studies option.

Planned Studies

With this major, students with academic or professional goals that cut across traditional disciplines can propose and design individualized majors. You may create your planned studies major around a theme, topic, issue, problem, or practice. The planned studies program offers the flexibility to pursue your own interests while allowing you to take advantage of the resources offered by Ithaca College's five schools and the Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies. You can enter the planned studies program in your sophomore year, and with the help of your advisers you can design a program that is personally intriguing and professionally useful.

Some of the many examples of past planned studies programs include

  • Alternative Health Care
  • Arts Administration
  • Computer Science and Visual Effects
  • Direction for the Musical Stage
  • Facility Operations and Event Planning
  • International Studies
  • Labor Studies
  • Sound Technology and Media Communication

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