Welcome to MY home!

Our Ad Lab team with Professor Scott Hamula

The Park School is a lively place for immersive learning:  from day one, students are engaged in producing creative work, learning and applying theory, and exploring and critiquing the current industry practices.  Students and faculty collaborate closely on challenging projects and topics.  Pictured here: our AdLab students and Professor Scott Hamula in the Deans' office suite when they had just learned by teleconference they were offered a place in the nationals for the American Advertising Federation annual competition.  By the way, they WON!!!

As a proud alumna (TVR '74) of the Park School, I warmly invite you to explore our exceptional environment for learning, creating, and making an impact on the world with today's powerful media tools.  The Roy H. Park School of Communications has been in the communications education business for more than 70 years, not only adapting to, but leading the changes in our remarkable field.

What's it like here?

  • Our students are curious, collaborative, and creative. They love talking about, learning about and making media and they take every opportunity to do so.
  • Our professors are at the top of their games as scholars and professionals - but their passion is teaching excellence.
  • The place literally vibrates with energy both during the day while exciting and interactive classes are in session, but also nights and weekends when students are busy with our co-curricular student media.  They're producing over 20 different TV shows a week on ICTV, doing paid media gigs for external clients through Park Productions and our new Drone Squad,  DJing shifts on WICB-FM and VIC radio, getting the Ithacan stories online and ready for weekly print publication, and engaging in "Pitch it to Produce it" sessions to get funding for their content ideas through The Studio, and creating promotional materials and doing social media take-overs for Park events through Park Promotions. 

As you walk through the halls, you’ll encounter professors and students engaged in lively discussions in classes and collaborating on creative projects, labs where advertising pitches, immersive games, and films are being developed for class projects and national competitions, distinguished alumni running mini-courses and critiquing student portfolios, and our advisors and professional development coordinator working one on one with students to plan their courses of study and internships (including for many, a semester or more at our New York City or Los Angeles programs or abroad)  

Jamie Kraft, network TV news exec, comes to the Park School each semester to offer students an authentic experience in making the fast-paced decisions and creating multimedia news content that they'll experience when they enter the field.

Dean Gayeski's Ithaca College diploma and a picture of her son's graduation from IC

Dean Diane Gayeski's Ithaca College diploma and a picture with her son, Evan, at his Ithaca College graduation.

What I found as a student, what informed my practice as a professor here for more than 30 years, and what I continue to support as the Dean is an environment where students are treated as young professionals and scholars from the moment they first set foot in the building.  Our students leave with the confidence, knowledge, and network of support that allows them to be immediately successful in their chosen careers and to live well-rounded and fulfilled lives informed by a broad liberal arts education. 

I invite you to learn more, and hope that you'll embrace the opportunity to have the same exceptional experience that I had as a student here.  

Diane Gayeski, Ph.D. '74  Dean and Professor of Strategic Communication