Spring 2022 Registration 101

Helpful tips to have a smooth sign-up

  1. The Spring 2022 schedule will be viewable on HomerConnect on October 18th at NOON.
  2. Timestamps (aka Time Tickets) for registration will be posted on Monday, October 25th after NOON. They can be found under Registration Notices in the upper right-hand corner of HomerConnect.
  3. Make sure you don’t have any holds on your account that will prohibit you from registering.
  4. Your registration status is based on COMPLETED credits and does not include those you are currently taking.
  5. PARK students DO NOT NEED A RAC -unless you are a dual or double major.
  6. Make sure you hit the SUBMIT button when adding a class. If it says PENDING- that means you are NOT registered!
  7. Waitlist IS NOT A GUARANTEE! Watch the other sections, in case a seat opens up.
  8. Course Overrides WILL NOT allow you to go over cap in a class! They will only lift restrictions for prerequisites, class standing or major/minor restrictions. If a class is at capacity and a course override is approved, you will only be able to register for the waitlist, if there are still openings.
  9. Capacity Overrides- There are NO capacity overrides. If you feel that not getting a class will compromise graduating on time, please email kmorse@ithaca.edu to find a resolution.
  10. Electronic forms for change of major/concentration, change of minor, change of expected graduate date and the course override form can be found on IC Workflow.

Still have questions?

Registration Dates & Times (times based on COMPLETED credits)

  • Monday, November 1: Winter Registration ONLY - 9:00 am: All Students
  • Tuesday, November 2
    • 7:30 am: Special Populations and UG Students with 90+ Earned Credit Hours  
  • Thursday, November 4
    • 7:30 am UG Students with 60 - 89.9 Earned Credit Hours 
  • Tuesday, November 9  
    • 7:30 am UG Students with 30 - 59.9 Earned Credit Hours 
  • Thursday, November 11
    • 7:30 am UG Students with under 30 Earned Credit Hours