Choose 5 weekend courses in centers of innovation

Featured intensives from past years

Each year the degree program director, faculty, and students identify topics and locations of mutual interest, so most of them change each year.  Two regular intensives, however, are at the SxSW conference in Austin and collaborations with Disney Imagineers in Los Angeles. 

Examples of other intensives include:

  • Cyber-security and internet risk management, held in Boston, MA with experts from healthcare and insurance
  • Cultivating Collaboration, held in Portland, Oregon at host site Mozilla where the group explored the key question: are we innovating media utopias or catalyzing mediated dystopias?
  • 3D Printing and the Emerging Culture of Collaboration took us to 3D Systems in Rock Hill, North Carolina, the company that invented 3D printing in the early 80s and is now the global 3D digital design and fabrication leader. The course explored how innovative companies today can and must engage the public, their customers, their stakeholders, and their employees to remain relevant and profitable in a quickly evolving landscape.

  • New Media Innovation and Analysis in Silicon Valley centered on the impacts new media innovations and organizations have had on our personal lives, relationships, communities, organizations, culture, media, and larger social systems. Our Communications Innovation professionals toured leading organizations around Silicon Valley such as Facebook and BitTorrent to discuss their role in the evolution of our social world.

  • The Role of Corporate Communication in 21st Century Democracy The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia was the location for our very first "destination intensive." With public confidence in business and government at an all-time low, this course focused on the role communication professionals play in regaining the public's trust and restoring faith in the democratic process. The group also worked on a special project — the establishment of a foundation to promote innovation in democracy across the globe.