Next cohort starts August 6-8, 2021

Online courses

All required courses are online and asynchronous - which means that you choose the times during each week when you participate in the required readings and collaborate with the professor and your cohort.  You'll take one class at a time - each for 5 weeks - and you'll be expected to spend about 8 hours each week.  There are no tests! The learning is all about interacting with content created and selected by your professors and then posting your reactions to it -- quite often asking you to relate it to your present or future work. 

You'll also take 6 credits of Research and Development Project where you'll select your own innovation idea or product, conduct extensive research on its conceptual and theoretical foundations and on its competition, and then propose and defend your idea.

Destination Intensives

Every 6-8 weeks we offer elective special topics courses that take place at different venues - typically prominent industry conferences such as SxSW in Austin or the Consumer Electronics Show - or at companies that are at the forefront of innovation.  These destination intensives have been held in such locations as Disneyland where our students took a course in transmedia storytelling and worked with Imagineers who designed rides such as the one featuring characters and stories from the movie series, Cars.


required courses

EXCO 50000 Innovation and Collaboration

Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of organizations’ ability to survive and thrive, and they are central to individuals’ participation in the future of communication. Basic concepts, principles, tools, techniques, and processes of design, research, creativity, innovation, and collaboration are introduced through authentic learning activities. Preparation for individual design inquiry (R&D) projects is begun. Course meets during the initial program residency, then online. Required. (SUM, Y)
 3 Credits

EXCO 60000 Emerging Media: Principles and Theories

An examination of the fundamental psychological and sociological principles and theories that inform the design of emerging media. Students will analyze various emerging media and apply the fundamental principles, theories, and media effects that persuade, teach, entertain, inspire, and inform. Required. Prerequisite: EXCO 50000. (IRR) 1 Credit 

EXCO 60200 Story as Solution

An exploration of story in myriad forms designed to provide students with both an understanding of the importance of story in all aspects of communications and a foundation in the principles of dramatic structure that they may apply to projects in their own field. Required. Prerequisite: EXCO 50000. (IRR)
 1 Credit

EXCO 60400 Media Ethics and Governance

Examines contemporary and emerging regulatory issues that impact communication and media industries and organizations around the globe. Introduces influential ethical theories and perspectives, explore changing societal demands and expectations of media creation and media use. Required. 1 Credit.

EXCO 60500 Intellectual Property and Business Contracts

Discussion and readings pertaining to current legal issues in selected fields such as intellectual property; contracts; negotiation; and managing the attorney relations. Preparation for managers to recognize and weight options with regard to legal issues they will encounter in business. Aspects of law are introduced through comprehensive reading and application to hypothetical problems. Required. Prerequisites: EXCO 50000. (IRR) 1 Credit (IRR)

EXCO 60700 Data Analytics

Data analysis applies to a world that goes beyond business decisions - information influences every aspect of our lives. An examination of the importance of quantitative and qualitative data analysis in the decision-making process across communication related industries. This course provides executives with the basis for understanding quantitative and qualitative data collection both in terms of how the data are collected, and also how the data can be analyzed to make well informed managerial decisions. A hands-on data analysis project is required. Required. 1 Credit.

EXCO 60800 Consumer Behavior: Theory and Application

An examination of theoretical perspectives, decision making and the internal limitations and external influences on human consumptive activities. This course provides Executives with the basis for a consumer orientation that can be used when creating their final project in their respective fields. (1 cr.; Prerequisite: EXCO 50000. (IRR)
 1 Credit

EXCO 60900 New Venture Finance: Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs

Exploration of media economics with a focus on developing business plans for entrepreneurs and managers. Introduction to historic and digital communication models; database research emphasizing public records; basic finance and accounting principles; and exploring how new media ventures become realized. Students research a business plan and develop a revenue model for their media venture. Required. 1 Credit.

EXCO 61000 Introduction to Global Leadership

Explores the broad range of skills required by successful global leaders, beginning with introspection and moving to methods and concepts to support our external interactions. It starts with awareness of self, mindfulness and personal values. These factors influence our interactions with our teams. From there the course delves into cross-cultural competency and moves to the skills which need to be mastered to be an impactful global leader: creating a global vision, empowering people, embracing diversity, managing change & conflict, ethics & integrity and overcoming obstacles. Required. 1 Credit

EXCO 62500 Global Product Management: Bring Concept to Reality

The process of taking an idea and making it a reality requires a systematic methodology to examine options, understand the marketplace and create a product experience. One of the critical skills is how to take subjective concepts and convert them to objective measures to allow entrepreneurs to examine multiple options or approaches. This course will cover the Product Opportunity Gap (POG), the Social, Economic, and Technology (SET) aspects of a product or service, product performance, AND experience, brand strategies, new product planning & development, understanding user’s needs, wants and desires, and the product-service ecosystem. Required. 1 Credit

EXCO 61122 Selected Topics in Communications Innovation Leadership

Intensive on-site investigation of a particular topic, case study, or issue in the field. Examples of topics include executive leadership, design thinking, culture change, organization and in practice communication. Students will spend several days in study and dialogue with scholars and practitioners at a selected location. Ithaca College campus. 2 Credits.

EXCO 61101-61199 Selected Topics in Communications Innovation

Intensive on-site investigation of a particular current topic, case study, or issue in the field. Examples of topics include mobile media technologies, immersive user experiences, emerging regulatory issues, and globalization of media content. Students will spend several days in study and dialogue with scholars and practitioners at a selected location. Elective. Two to Three credits each (up to ten credits total). 2-3 Credits

EXCO 62000 Change Management

The process of change and change management that focuses on the necessity of change in today's globally competitive environment. The type and manner of change taking place within organizations, and identifying the key challenges and opportunities associated with each kind of change. Required. 1 Credit

EXCO 63000 Communication Theory to Practice: A Case Study Approach

Designed to give an overview of the theoretical approaches and theories in communication across a variety of context — foundational topics in organizational communication, mass communication, communication technology and diffusion of innovation theory. Case studies are used to demonstrate in-depth applications of communication theory in real-life situations. Required. 1 Credit

EXCO 61200 Research and Development Project I

Development of an extensive proposal for a new media genre, platform, production or economic model, or program. The proposal must include a literature/business review, rationale, design statement, and business plan and will draw upon previous coursework. Open only to students who have completed at least and who have gained the approval of the program director. Required. Prerequisite: EXCO 50000 and completion of taken from any combination of EXCO 60000- 60900 and 61101-61199. (IRR)
3 Credits

EXCO 61300 Research and Development Project II

The degree capstone, involving the development of a prototype for a new media genre, program, platform, production system, or economic model, based on an approved project proposal developed in R&D Project I.

Students will deliver a persuasive presentation before a panel of faculty and students to outline the critical innovative and practical aspects and to synthesize fundamental theories and competencies learned in the previous required courses. Required. Prerequisite: EXCO 61200 and approval of the Program Director. (IRR)
3 Credits

Total Credits 32