Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Cathryn Boxberger (Writing for Public Relations) joined the Ithaca College Los Angeles faculty in 2006, teaching Writing for Public Relations.  She has an extensive background in entertainment and non-profit publicity.  From 2007-2015, she was editorial manager at NBC Universal Media Village, where she managed the editorial content for NBC Universal’s press web site. From 1988-2007, she was senior press manager at the network, where she handled publicity campaigns for a variety of network series, longform and special event programming. Prior to NBC, she was Communications Director at The American Film Institute.  Currently, she is a public relations consultant whose clients include Licata & Co., Rprsnt Media, Amazon Prime and Audience Network.  She has taught writing courses at U.C., Berkeley, Loyola Marymount University and Arizona State University, where she earned her B.A. in English. Cathryn earned her M.A. in English literature and her Ph.D. in Modern British Fiction at the University of California, Berkeley.

Prof. Scott Cooper (Issues and the News, Senior Seminar) has been a member of the Ithaca College Los Angeles faculty since 1998, teaching courses on the Effects of the Media, Issues and the News, and Contemporary Film Criticism. He did his graduate work in Film and Television at UCLA, where he received an MFA in Film/TV Production in 1990, and has recently returned to his Doctoral dissertation on "Ronald Reagan and the Hollywoodization of American Politics, 1980-Present."

Prof. Donna Gotch (Organizational Speech Writing and Interviewing) is a full-time instructor in the Communication Studies Department at California State University, San Bernardino. She received her Bachelors and her Masters Degree in Speech Communication from California State University, Los Angeles. She has taught communication courses for twenty years, fourteen of which have been at CSUSB.. She served as the Chair of the Communication and Instruction Interest Group for WSCA and served as the Co-Chair of the Local Hosts Committee for the 2006 WSCA convention in Palm Springs.

Prof. Colleen McAllister (Program Development for Entertainment Media) is a writer and film & TV executive in Los Angeles, currently working as a Story Editor on an unannounced Netflix Series. She has worked as Director of Current Series at Hasbro Studios driving creative on the broadcast, digital, and publishing platforms for their major TV franchises. Her credits include Co-Producer on My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, Micronauts, Littlest Pet Shop and Hanazuki. She has worked for Illumination Entertainment on the Minions franchise, Secret Life of Pets, Sing and The Grinch. Her original pilot PUSSIES, an adult animated comedy about cats, was selected for the HBO sponsored 2016 WIF|Blacklist TV lab. Her short story “Naughty” won the Children’s Institute of Literature’s 2016 Holiday Contest and she is a contributing author to the lifestyle magazine, Bella Grace. Colleen began her career in film with a BS in Television Radio and Video Production from Ithaca College, and went on to complete an MFA in Motion Picture Producing from the Peter Stark program at the University of Southern California.