Information regarding ICLA and COVID-19

**UPDATE November 9, 2020**

We have delayed the reopening of ICLA to Summer 2021 at the earliest. All students who were accepted into the Spring 2021 semester have been notified of this decision and the options they have for studying at ICLA in the future.

**UPDATE March 17, 2020**

As we settle in to “physical” distancing (not social, since we should all stay social via our usual virtual ways!), the ICLA office staff will all be working remotely. If you need to get into the Pendleton Center, the building is open, and you can get into the Center with the door code. Please use the hand sanitizer on your way in and out if you do go there.

I’ll go into the office later tonight to check the mail, and will let you know if you’ve received anything. If you have and are already home or on your way home, I can forward the mail to you.

Please use this form to give us your home mailing address so that we can forward your mail to you:


If you receive mail at your AVA apartment, you should use this form to have all your USPS mail forwarded:


Make sure you have updated your Amazon and other accounts with your new delivery address so that things you order come to you and not to the Pendleton Center or AVA apartments.

We’ll be sending more information later this week about the online/remote class format.

There has been some confusion about if you are required to leave your apartment. You are not required to leave before the end of the semester. We encouraged folks to leave by the end of the month, but if it’s safer for you to stay past March 31, or makes more sense economically to stay longer, you can remain at AVA. Whatever your plans, please let us know them with the travel plans form if you haven’t already done so:


As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Be kind. Stay safe.



Dear ICLA Students:

As announced on Wednesday by President Shirley M. Collado, as a result of the widespread coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., Ithaca College is extending spring break by one week and will move to a remote method of instruction from Monday, March 23, through at least Friday, April 3.

Because there are some differences in the academic calendar for the Ithaca College Los Angeles Program, I wanted to communicate directly with you to provide an important update on how we plan to operate.

1. As on the main campus, spring break has also been extended for ICLA through Friday, March 20.

2. Classes will resume on Monday, March 23, and will be offered remotely online through at least Friday, April 3.  A decision to continue classes online will be made prior to April 3. 

3. The second session of Media Industries scheduled for Monday, March 23, has been cancelled.

4.  We have added additional dates for final exams:  Friday, May 1; Monday, May 4; and Tuesday, May 5.  These are back-up dates.  We understand many of you already purchased your ticket to go home.  We will be able to accommodate your travel schedule.  There is no need to change your travel ticket. Once classes resume online, your professor will be in touch with you regarding the exam schedule.

5.  Housing at the AVA Toluca Hills Apartments has been extended to Wednesday, May 6, at 12 noon at no additional cost to you.

We recognize this is not an ideal situation for all students, but these are unprecedented circumstances and we must all remain flexible in order to ensure that the health and well-being of all members of our community is taken into account.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at stropiano@gmail.com.  You can also phone me at 323-851-6199 (office), 323-697-5582 (cell), and 323-512-7825 (landline).

One additional announcement:  Meaghan O'Donnell is leaving her position as professional development coordinator effective Tuesday, March 24, 2020.  We are going to miss Meaghan, who has worked tirelessly over the past three years to build our internship program.  We wish her all the best.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.   


Stephen Tropiano, PhD

Program Director