Surina Belk-Gupta

Surina Belk-Gupta

As a first-year Film, Photo, and Visual arts major, I’m truly thrilled to further my education within Ithaca college.

Within the park school, I am participating in ICTV and the Ithacan newspaper where I have an incredible opportunity to learn about different facets of media. I am working on the Ithacan newspaper as a photographer. For ICTV I am a writer for the show In Other Words, a satirical current events program. I am also a PA on the student program Directors Chair and the sitcom Around the Table.

I am also happily participating in multiple Ithaca student publications. For Buzzsaw magazine I am working as a writer & photographer. For the Passion Project, I am working on a monthly comedic podcast.

I’m volunteering with on Connecting Elders with Technology project. The project strives to aid the local elderly in tech fluency. The project brings me such joy as it combines my love for tech and passion for connecting with senior citizens in my community. Additionally, I’m participating in Ithaca's Action Generation Planned Parenthood club.

I am loving all the opportunities IC has given me!