Park Scholars share their communications talents across a variety of partnerships with local organizations. Upper-level Park Scholars assume key leadership roles in these collaborations. For the 2018 - 2019 academic year, the following are the Park Scholar group service partnerships:

Community Connections:
Park Scholars are working with Ithaca College's Office of Civic Engagement (CCE) to compile a comprehensive summary of various local socioeconomic issues and proactive organizations in Tomkins County. Scholars help to maintain this summary in an online database with links to 12 main community initiatives. This information is compiled here where it is accessible to students, faculty, staff, and community partners as future knowledge of what is being done, what is not being done, and how one can get involved in those areas of public interest.

Holocaust Education Project:
Park Scholars have partnered with the Ithaca Area United Jewish Community (IAUJC) to assist in the creation of a curriculum for high school students using true stories told by Holocaust survivors in the Tompkins County area. Park Scholars are going out into the community to interview these survivors and document their stories. This footage, as well as pre-existing clips archived by the IAUJC, are compiled into educational video segments that can be used in local high school classrooms or found online.

MacCormick Literary Project:
Park Scholars visit the MacCormick Secure Center in Brooktondale, NY to engage with juvenile delinquents and help them tell their story. The Scholars offer lessons that explore different kinds of writing and literary techniques and from the free writing, drawing, and samples collected, the Scholars compile the works into a literary magazine. This service project offers Scholars a chance to share unique stories by providing a channel to the unheard.

Media Club and Connecting Elders with Technology:
Media Club helps to educate elementary, middle and high school students about media through various literacy and production based workshops. Park Scholars design and implement curriculum that leads students through a variety of interactive projects and assignments. Every year, workshop topics change and have included broadcast journalism, web development, game theory, photography, advertising, film, and other general media topics throughout it's existence. In addition, a subset of Park Scholars visit retirement communities to provide one-on-one technology assistance through the Connecting Elders with Technology (CET) initiative. In combination, this project allows the Park Scholars to educate community members of all ages about our mediated lives.

Megaphone Media Productions:
Megaphone Media Productions is a Park Scholar group service production house offering pro-bono media support for nonprofit organizations. Megaphone partners with organizations to help create a variety of media resources, including video, print, and web services. Park Scholars, passionate about using their media making skills, have a chance to work on real projects with an immediate impact. Most recently, Scholars have helped create a recognizable brand and digital walking tour through the Ithaca College Natural Lands.

WRFI Community Radio
Park Scholars partner with WRFI Community Radio station to create audio-focused, in-depth, multimedia features that explore local issues head on. The reporting is intended to explore problems locally and to contextualize the dimensions of issues faced –and solutions found– by other communities. Most recently, Scholars have been fostering narrative, human focused storytelling exploring hyper local socioeconomic concerns that affect Tompkins county and can be heard online at wrfi.org.

Recent Park Scholar led Radio Series include:

  • The Loneliness Project - In a series of long-form online articles, audio pieces, videos, and infographics, this project takes a careful look at loneliness and its impact on mental health in Tompkins County.

  • Feeding Tompkins County - This project explores food insecurity in Tompkins County through the voices and stories of those most affected, and the organizations working to create change.

  • Bridged - This project explores the housing crisis in Tompkins County through human-based story telling and online multimedia content.