See how two students transformed during their time at IC.

In September 2014, two first-year students from the School of Business participated in a photo project. We asked them to bring something meaningful to them—a sketchbook, a piece of sporting equipment, an instrument—and kept in touch with them throughout their four years on campus. In spring 2018, we invited them back to the studio to talk about how they had changed during their time at IC. Here are their stories.

Chanel Underwood '18

Chanel Underwood

Chanel Underwood in her first year at IC. 

HOMETOWN: Lusby, Maryland
MAJOR: Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance
ACTIVITIES: MLK Scholar, President of the National Association of Black Accountants, Project Generations, Whalen Academic Symposium, Sister to Sister, African Latino Society

As president of the National Association of Black Accountants, Chanel got funding for 20 students to attend the NABA Eastern Region Student Conference in Norfolk, Virginia, for seminars and industry networking. Along with her VP and treasurer, she pitched the value of the trip to the School of Business dean, and the school provided $10,000 in funding to cover the trip.

"We talked about our situation and said this conference could be life-changing. Out of the 20 people, 10 people got interviews for a job or an internship. That’s actually where I got my job."

Chanel Underwood

Chanel Underwood in her fourth year at IC. 


  • Majored in economics
  • Brought a doll to remind her of home (her mom gave it to her when she asked for a baby brother)
  • Joined Ballroom Dance Club


  • Switched to business administration, finance concentration, with a minor in economics
  • Traveled to Cuba with the MLK Scholar Program
  • Named treasurer of African-Latino Society


  • Won a Whalen Symposium Outstanding Research Award
  • Nominated for (and won!) Phi Kappa Pi Presidential Scholar Award


  • Elected president of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)
  • Known for her awesome pink backpack (friends could spot her immediately anywhere on campus)
  • Was offered a full-time job at Ernst & Young, a “big four” accounting firm

Amanda Schnell '18

HOMETOWN: Amesbury, Massachusetts
MAJOR: Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance
ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey, Leadership Academy, Study Abroad in Milan, Italy, Student Athletic Advisory Council Executive Board, Beta Alpha Psi Accounting and Finance Honor Society, Supervisor at IC Athletics and Events Center

Schell found work as a strategic alliance dealer payment associate at MFS Investment Management in Boston.

[Participating] in the Leadership Academy for athletes was super motivational and a good learning experience. [I learned] leadership skills, qualities, and strategies. I think all of those have helped me develop as a really good leader and will help me in the real world as well. My experiences have shaped me to be more confident and more mature. I’m from a really small town in Massachusetts, so coming here was a big deal. I was six hours away from my family, and that was a transition in itself. Now I feel less dependent on [my parents]. I studied abroad sophomore year. I didn’t even go with anyone that I knew. I just went, and I did my thing. I was in a foreign country and very far away from my family and kind of had to fend for myself. Those life skills have made me grow.