Koch Industries Trip

From May 1 to 4, 2019, nine students from the School of Business ventured west and met with Senior Executives at one of the world’s largest private companies: Koch Industries. Students were able to interact with executives in their business development, risk, portfolio management, and treasury departments just to name a few! The students were accompanied by Professor Muenzen, the Director of the Investment Program and asset and wealth management Professor Novakovic. 

After a full day of meetings at Koch the students headed north. On the first Saturday of May, a group of Ithaca College Students attended the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting where they listened to one of the best investors in history share his thoughts and investment insights.  It was 4 days jammed packed with investment knowledge from some of the most foremost investors.

In addition to hearing from phenomenal speakers, the students also had the opportunity to grow their own personal networks. “Having the opportunity to network with analysts, managing directors, and the CFO of the second-largest private company in the U.S., added so much value to my professional development while also growing my knowledge of investing in a remarkable way.” – Ryan Harter ’20 

Having the opportunity to be in such a bustling atmosphere with so many investment leaders opened their eyes to new opportunities. 

“It was great to be in the presence of such intelligent minds. The experience truly cultivated my interest in Finance and Business and showed me the spoils of great value investment.” Jack Linke ’21

All in all, this was and continues to be a career-boosting and personally satisfying experience for School of Business students.  The 2019 trip was the 3rd year in a row where Ithaca College students were able to participate in this career changing event.  The School of Business hopes to return to the mid-west in 2021.