Entertainment and Media Management (MBA)

The MBA in Entertainment and Media Management is designed for students from a variety of undergraduate degrees, including business, film and cinematography, sound recording technology, marketing and communications, scriptwriting, journalism, and more. In short, the program is designed for both aspiring creative professionals and business students who intend to work in the entertainment sector. 

Typical* Course Schedule for Full-Time Enrollment

Fall Semester (August-December, 15 credits)

BGRD 57900

The Business of Entertainment      1.5
BGRD 60900 Entrepreneurship for the Entertainment Industry 1.5
BGRD 61100 Practicum I: Production Management for Film & Television 1.0
BGRD 61600 Negotiations for Entertainment & Media Industries      3.0
BGRD 62100 Global Dimensions of the Entertainment & Media Industries 3.0
BGRD 62500 Accounting for the Entertainment Industry 3.0
BGRD 63400 Marketing in a Digital World I 2.0

Winter Semester (January, 2 credits)

BGRD 61200 Practicum II: Music Label Management 2.0

Spring Semester (January to May, 15 credits)

BGRD 61300 Practicum III: Music Publishing Management   1.0
BGRD 61700 Business Analytics  3.0
BGRD 61800 Organizational Structure, Processes, and Leadership 3.0
BGRD 62200 Finance & Economics in the Entertainment & Media Industries 3.0
BGRD 62600 Legal Environment of the Entertainment & Media Industries    3.0
BGRD 63500 Marketing in a Digital World II 2.0

Summer Semester (May-June, 4 credits)

BGRD 61400 Practicum IV: Live Music Production & Management 2.0
BGRD 64200  Capstone in Entertainment and Media Industries 2.0

Total Credits:   36

*Course scheduling may vary


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