The Park School is a place for immersive learning - from day one, students are engaged in the creation, theory, and critique of their own content.

The Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College has been in the communications education business for more than 50 years, not only adapting to, but leading the changes in our remarkable field. Our primary focus is on our undergraduates, who are passionate about studying and creating media in all forms. With more majors and concentrations “under one roof” than any other undergraduate communications school, our students have the advantage of both concentrating on their own major  and  being in one building that encompasses the entire range of communications as an academic discipline and as a professional field.  

From day one our students take courses in their major, including theory, aesthetics, strategy, and hands-on production. When students graduate with a Park degree, they have exceptional depth in their chosen area because their curriculum has been designed specifically for what they intend to do. In fact, in many cases, our juniors and seniors take classes that are similar to those taught at a graduate level at other institutions. 

Once you're in the Park School, it's easy to explore new areas.  First-year students in integrated marketing communications often work on films with their peers in cinema.  Emerging media majors have shifts on our radio stations, and you don't need to be a journalism major to work on the student newspaper. 

In fact, at the Park School, learning is carefully engineered through a combination of courses and co-curricular activities. As you walk through the halls, you’ll encounter professors and students engaged in lively debates in classes and collaborating on creative projects; labs where advertising pitches, multimedia games, and smart phone apps are being developed for class projects and national competitions; students doing shifts on our radio stations or setting up our TV studios for their own cable shows; distinguished alumni running mini-courses and critiquing student portfolios; and our associate dean and professional development coordinator working one on one with students to select electives and minors, plan study at our New York City or Los Angeles programs, and land internships and jobs. 

Our students are treated as young professionals from the moment they first set foot on campus. They engage in  real  work and  real  issues and are given remarkable opportunity and responsibility. As a result, these students leave not only with a job but with a great career path ahead.  

I invite you to learn more and hope that you'll seize the opportunity to have the same exceptional experience that I had when I was a student here.