School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

In the IC School of Health Sciences and Human Performance, better known on campus as HSHP, you will focus on helping people lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Your experiences in and out of the classroom will give you confidence as a health professional. Collaborating with peers and faculty across fields, you’ll get a holistic view of human health and performance.

On and Off-Campus Practice and Fieldwork Connections 

You will work with real people under guided supervision in our campus clinics and during fieldwork opportunities. If you’re studying athletic training, you may complete your clinical hours while working with one of IC’s sports teams or interning with athletic teams off campus. In many of our majors, you will learn in our campus clinics and do fieldwork at healthcare facilities across the country. And if you’re focusing on physical education, you’ll teach in a local or regional school. 

Faculty Student Research 

Work closely with expert faculty to discover new knowledge about health and human performance. Be part of research studies, publish academic papers, and present your findings at conferences. You might help determine the effects of age on mobility in runners, the capability of infants to move with robots, or the influence of horseback riding therapy on a child’s ability to communicate. 

Explore Our Clinics and Labs 

  • Athletic Training Clinic This dedicated clinical classroom and learning laboratory is where the instruction, practice, and evaluation of real-world experience takes place. 

  • Center for Life Skills Faculty and students provide quality interdisciplinary rehabilitation services for people who have experienced a stroke or other neurological disorder. 

  • Human Anatomy Laboratory With an emphasis on clinical pathologies, this lab offers students hands-on dissection experience applicable to various disciplines. 

  • Movement Analysis Laboratory Faculty and students study movement to advance physical therapy practice and prepare therapists for careers in clinical research. 

  • Occupational and Physical Therapy Clinic This clinic offers comprehensive rehabilitation services for the Ithaca College community and Longview residents.