See how one student transformed during her time at the college.

In September 2014, a first-year student from the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance participated in a photo project. We asked her to bring something meaningful to her to the shoot: a sketchbook, a piece of sporting equipment, an instrument. We kept in touch with her throughout her four years on campus, and in spring 2018, we asked her to return to the studio to talk about how she had changed during her time at IC. Here is her story. 

Samantha Brown '18

Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown in her first year at IC. 

HOMETOWN: Camden, New York
MAJOR: Athletic Training
ACTIVITIES: Figure Skating Club, Ithaca Athletic Training Students’ Association, Honors Residential Learning Community

Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown in her fourth year at IC. 

“My most challenging experience here was in the fall of my junior year. I was working with the football team as one of their student athletic trainers. It was my first time working with a team every day of the week. There were 120 student-athletes, and they all needed something. It was a real struggle. I actually cried a couple times on the field, and I genuinely thought I was going to change my major and not be an athletic trainer because I couldn’t handle the pressure of doing it every day at that level. But I think I’ve just become more resilient in facing changes that come into my life. I’ve been forced to deal with some very big changes, and learning how to cope with that has made me a much stronger person overall.” 

Samantha is a licensed athletic trainer at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire for women’s basketball, swimming and diving, and outdoor track and field.