Clinical Site Affiliation Agreements (A1.10a, A3.03, D1.05)

The Ithaca College MS-PAS Program is committed to the continuous development of effective clinical sites. The review, evaluation and approval of a supervised clinical practical experience (SCPE) site and preceptor is a rigorous process, this is to ensure that the SCPE site provides sufficient clinical experience to facilitate the achievement of the clinical rotation’s learning objectives and expected competencies. The program requires a current and fully executed written and signed affiliation agreements between all SCPE sites and Ithaca College. These agreements are legal documents that address academic, physical, clinical, and liability issues. The process of attaining SCPE sites is solely the responsibility of the program and facilitated by the Ithaca College legal counsel.

The evaluation process to determine if the prospective SCPE site is suitable for educational purposes and meets all academic, physical, and clinical standards will be conducted by the DCE and approved by the Program Director. Learners or their agents are not allowed to solicit or negotiate an affiliation with a SCPE site. If a learner becomes aware of a potential clinical site; a SCPE Request Form must be submitted to the Director of Clinical Education (DCE) via E-Medley (See Appendix 2). A violation of this policy will result in an immediate referral to the APPRC for disciplinary action.