The Ithaca College MS-PAS program does not require enrolled learners to be employed during the program and strongly discourages from being employed during their tenure with the program.

There will be no exceptions or accommodations granted to didactic or clinical course work, scheduling of classes, labs, exams, special assignments, community service work, or supervised clinical practice experience (SCPE) assignments due to employment.

Employment of any kind (paid/volunteer) during the program will not be accepted to excuse absence from scheduled learning activities, justify poor performance, or be considered as extenuating circumstances when assessing the learners’ academic and professional progress.

The Ithaca College MS-PAS program does not permit matriculated learners to substitute for or function as instructional faculty; nor are they allowed to work (paid or voluntary) for the program in any capacity.

During SCPEs, learners may not substitute for clinical or administrative staff and must ensure all services provided to patients are directly supervised. The learner must contact the DCE or the Program Director immediately if asked to function as a clinical instructor and/or administrative staff. Learners must not accept compensation for any services provided during supervised clinical experiences.

Any violations to any component of this policy will result in referral to the Academic and Professional Performance Review Committee.