Ithaca College identification badges are issued to all learners upon matriculation. These identification badges as well as a short white lab coat with the Ithaca College MS-PAS program seal patch on the left sleeve and the learner’s name embroidered on the left chest, above the pocket, must be worn at all times while on campus and during clinical experiences. This is to clearly distinguish them from physicians, medical learners and other health profession learners and graduates.

Learners may be required to wear an additional site specific security identification badge at clinical sites. The clinical site(s) will make arrangements for the learner to attain an identification badge during orientation prior to beginning the clerkship. This badge is to be worn in addition to the Ithaca College MS-PAS program identification badge.

Physician Assistant learners must always and only identify themselves as “physician assistant student” to faculty, patients, clinical site staff, and never present themselves as physicians, residents, medical learners, or graduate physician assistants. While enrolled the Ithaca College MS-PAS program, learners may not use previously earned titles (i.e. RN, MD, DO, EMT, Ph.D., Dr. etc.) for identification purposes