All learners receive notification from the Ithaca College Office of the Registrar once the admission deposit is paid with instructions to activate their Netpass and Ithaca College email account. It is mandatory that learners check their Ithaca College e-mail account daily (including weekends). The Ithaca College e-mail is considered the official College email and the only account that the MS-PAS Program uses to communicate with currently enrolled learners. Likewise, learners should only use their Ithaca College e-mail account for email correspondence with the program as this prevents identification problems related to outside email. Faculty and staff will not respond to learners who utilize outside email addresses. The MS-PAS program faculty and staff use e-mail as an important means for distributing information. The MS-PAS program is not responsible if a learner has inaccurate or missed information due to failure to routinely check, read, or clear their e-mail account.