The Ithaca College Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies (MS-PAS) Clinical Phase Handbook is designed to provide the learner with the policies, procedures, and pertinent information regarding the academic work required of the following courses:

Clinical Phase (Semesters V, VI, AND VII - Spring, Summer, Fall)

Course Number Course Name
PASG 70000 Supervised Clinical Practice - Family Medicine
PASG 70100 Supervised Clinical Practice - Internal Medicine
PASG 70200 Supervised Clinical Practice - Surgery
PASG 70300 Supervised Clinical Practice - Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
PASG 70400 Supervised Clinical Practice - Women's Health
PASG 70500 Supervised Clinical Practice - Behavioral and Mental Health
PASG 70600 Supervised Clinical Practice - Emergency Medicine
PASG 70700 Supervised Clinical Practice - General Elective I
PASG 70800 Supervised Clinical Practice - General Elective II
PASG 70900 Transition to Clinical Practice

The Ithaca College MS-PAS policies align with the Ithaca College’s institutional policies and apply to all enrolled learners, principal faculty, and the program director throughout all phases of the program regardless of location. If discrepancies between program policies and those established at supervised clinical practice experience (SCPE) sites should arise; the SCPE site policies will supersede the program’s policies. 

This handbook is in addition to, and not a substitution, for the Ithaca College MS-PAS Program Learner Handbook. It is important to remember that while learners completing the clinical phase of the program are seldomly on campus, they are still Ithaca College MS-PAS learners and are expected to abide by the policies set forth in this Clinical Phase Handbook as well as the Ithaca College MS-PAS Program Learner Handbook. 

Although not specifically stated after each section, failure to comply with and/or conform to the guidelines, academic requirements, rules and regulations of this handbook will result in disciplinary action, up to and including referral to the Academic Professional and Performance Review Committee (APPRC) and dismissal from the program. 

It is the learner’s responsibility to read this handbook. All learners must sign a declaration of understanding prior to beginning the clinical phase stating they have read, understand, and agree to abide by the contents of this handbook.