• The loss of a learner from the entering cohort, who remains matriculated in the physician assistant program.
    • Note: The number of learners in the program and those considered decelerated cannot exceed the maximum limit designated by our accrediting agency, the ARC- PA.


  • All learners that are placed on Academic Separation will be offered a one-time opportunity to reenter at the point of the failed course.
  • The learner has 5 business days from the date the final course grade is posted to submit their written acceptance of the one-time offer for deceleration to the Program Director via e-mail.
  • The learner will receive a written response from the Program Director acknowledging the learner’s acceptance into deceleration.
  • An individualized academic plan of remediation will be discussed with the learner.
  • In order to be re-instated in the program the learner must demonstrate competency in the knowledge and skills of all courses that were completed successfully.
  • Reentry Requirements: 
    • Because interruption of the educational process does not promote nor ensure currency of the medical knowledge needed to prepare the learner to reenter at the point of the failed course, competency (covering the semester of the failed course and all prior semesters) must be proven by two examinations: a written and a clinical skills examination given the semester prior to the point of the failed course.
    • Competency must be demonstrated with a minimum of a 70.0% on the written examination and a minimum of 70.0% on the clinical skills examination in order to be permitted to reenter and progress to the next semester.
    • The objectives for both examinations will be the same as those presented during the didactic year. The dates for both the written and clinical examinations will be arranged by the faculty.
    • Upon successful completion of each examination the learner will reenter at the point of the failed course
    • The failed course must be successfully repeated (the next semester it is offered) with a minimum of a 70.0% in order to progress to the next semester.
    • The learner must audit all the courses that are offered in the semester that the failed course is offered.
    • Failure to successfully complete all reentry requirements listed above will result in dismissal from the Program.
    • After a period of five years, learners may reapply to the program.
      • Decisions on reentry will be made utilizing the Physician Assistant Admissions Ranking System.