A Leave of Absence is defined as a temporary break in a learner’s attendance of five (5) days or longer.

Guidelines for Leave of Absence

In the event of a serious medical condition (including psychiatric illness), familial or personal circumstances that significantly impact the learner’s progress in the MS-PAS program; a leave of absence may be requested by the learner. Learners may request a leave of absence and deceleration for up to one year in length. All requests must be made in writing to the Program Director. The MS-PAS program reserves the right to determine the conditions for re-entry after any leave of absence. Coursework, exams, and clinical experiences missed during any leave must be made-up within a time-frame agreed upon by the Course Director and the Program Director before the learner may continue in the program in good standing. Additional tuition may be required to complete the program after re-entry.


  • Voluntary Leaves of Absence must be for a specified period of time with an expected date of re- enrollment.
  • A learner in good academic standing, without deficiencies, may request and be approved for a Leave of Absence for a fixed period of time as a result of a health problem or other personal circumstances that may impact the learner’s academic performance.
  • The learner must submit the request in writing to the Program Director.


  • The APPRC may recommend that a learner be placed on a Leave of Absence if the learner is deemed capable of completing the MS-PAS program within the allotted time limits of the MS-PAS program, but has current non-academic problems that make ongoing enrollment detrimental to the learner’s best interest.
  • If the learner disagrees with the recommendation, the procedure for an appeal may be initiated by the learner (see Appeals Process section in Remediation, Deceleration and Dismissal Policy).

All decisions regarding leave of absence (voluntary or involuntary) are made by the MS-PAS principal faculty, Program Director, and in consultation with the Dean of Health Sciences and Human Performance.