Petition for Readmission Following Leave of Absence

  • Readmission into the program following a leave of absence is not guaranteed.
  • The learner must notify the Program Director and the Director of Didactic Education (for Year 1) or the Director of Clinical Education (for Year 2) of intent to resume enrollment in writing at least one month prior to return to the MS-PAS Program.
  • Requests for reinstatement must be made in writing. The learner must present evidence that the problem leading to the leave of absence has been resolved such that success in this program will follow if the learner is reinstated. Reinstatement is also dependent on the availability of clinical training sites.
  • Learners who are on a Leave of Absence specified by the APPRC must fulfill all requirements specified in their letter from the APPRC prior to return to the MS-PAS Program.
  • Learners placed on Leave of Absence may maintain such status for a maximum of one (1) year. In order to return to enrollment, the learner must petition the APPRC within the time period allowed. The APPRC will consider petitions for readmission regardless of the reason enrollment was discontinued. When petitioning to the APPRC, the learner must submit information that will support that return to enrollment is justified. This is required regardless of the reason for leave.
  • Petitions for readmission may be considered at any regular or called meeting of the APPRC. The time of readmission will be based upon that which is deemed most appropriate to the learner’s status and scheduled by the APPRC.
  • Learners may be required to repeat parts of the curriculum that have previously been successfully completed.
  • Readmission may be denied if all available seats are filled, even if the learner meets all other qualifications for admission.