Withdrawal (A3.15d)

Withdrawal from the Ithaca College MS-PAS program should only be considered after a judicious and thorough assessment of the academic, financial, and personal impacts from such action. Prior to requesting an official withdrawal from the program, learners should discuss options with their faculty advisor and the program director.

Learners may withdraw from the MS-PAS program at their discretion, and at any time. Unless a leave of absence is requested and granted (see Leave of Absence Policy), withdrawal from any individual course will not allow a learner to progress in the program and therefore constitutes withdrawal from the entire program. There is no “partial withdrawal” or “part-time” status in the MS-PAS program.


  • Official Withdrawal
    • The learner must submit a withdrawal letter in writing to their faculty advisor, the Program Director, the Dean of Health Sciences and Human Performance, and the office of the Registrar.
    • The learner must complete all required forms as per Withdrawal Policy stated in the Ithaca College Graduate Catalog
  • Unofficial Withdrawal
  • Learners will be considered as having withdrawn from the program and the college after two consecutive weeks of unexplained absence and/or academic inactivity.