Getting Started

Learn about the important steps in navigating your decision-making process

We are so excited that you are considering the HSHP Preprofessional Program to launch your undergraduate education! Described below are our recommendations on important steps in navigating the decision-making process.

Before You Apply

It is important that Ithaca College and this Program are the right match for you. So before you apply, we recommend that you:

  • Consider a Visit Ithaca event to explore the campus and hear more about what the College has to offer.

  • Contact the Program Coordinator to set up a time to meet or discuss the Program and your current interests. We can also arrange for you to speak with a current or former HSHP Preprofessional student to hear about their experiences with our Program and further discuss any questions that you may have.

During the Application Process

Once you decide to apply to Ithaca College, follow the steps on the Admissions website to submit your application materials. On the application, indicate that you are interested in enrolling as a "Health Sciences Preprofessional".

Once You Are Accepted

Congratulations! If you are accepted and elect to attend Ithaca College we have a number of supportive activities to help you make a successful transition to college and eventually into your desired major. We recommend that you plan to:

  • Respond to requests from the HSHP Preprofessional Coordinator about your possible interest areas. This information helps us to register you for several first semester courses when possible!

  • Take the required math placement exam as soon as possible and before you register for classes. The scores from this exam helps determine placement into courses required for several health science majors (e.g., chemistry, computer science, economics math, and physics) so please do your best on the exam.  

  • Familiarize yourself with the requirements of the Integrative Core Curriculum. This will give you an opportunity to work closely with us on building your first semester course schedule.

  • Meet once a semester with the HSHP Preprofessional Program Coordinator or with your Advisor to seek guidance, ask questions, and stay on track with whatever your desired course of study may be.

  • Request to meet with the HSHP Preprofessional Program Coordinator or with your Advisor whenever needed throughout the semester, especially if you feel you are struggling academically or with personal issues so that we can connect you with resources that you may need.   


Catherine Gooch
Coordinator HSHP Preprofessional Program
G49 Hill Center
Ithaca College
953 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY 14850