Health Management and Public Health

For people interested in administration, business, health care delivery, management, policy, and population health.

Health Care Administrator or Manager

What does a health care administrator or manager do?

Health care administrators or managers focus on the sustainable delivery of health care services. This requires that that pay attention to reducing and managing errors, costs, and demands on the supply chain. Common job responsibilities include maintaining budgets, recruiting/supervising staff, ensuring compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, policymaking, and strategic planning.

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Public Health

What does someone in the public health field do?

People in the public health field focus on protecting the lives and well being of communities through prevention. Public health workers vary in their duties - which can include mass education campaigns regarding healthy behaviors; implementing and managing community health programs; or developing policies that affect community health issues. It is common to specialize in a particular interest area, e.g. environment, maternal and child health, global health, or nutrition. 

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