Spring 2020

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Thank you for your interest in Anthropology!
Please check back at the end of October for the Dept. of Anthropology's Course Schedule.


The field of anthropology is concerned with the study of humankind. It includes the evolution of the human species and the development and varied nature of the cultures and societies in which people live. For all students at the College, regardless of their major, anthropology offers a holistic and cross-cultural perspective on human culture that is essential to a liberal arts education.

Students, please note the following symbols refer to requirements for the Anthropology Major:

                    AN1 = Archaeological Anthropology 200-level or above designation
                    AN2 = Biological Anthropology 200-level or above designation
                    AN3 = Cultural Anthropology 200-level or above designation
                    AN4 = Theory designation

ATTN: Anthropology Majors

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