Art History Faculty and Staff

  • Paul Wilson
    Associate Professor and Chair - Contemporary Art and Museum Studies
  • Mara Baldwin
    Director - Handwerker Gallery
  • Jennifer Germann
    Associate Professor - Early Modern (1500-1800) & Contemporary Visual Culture; Eighteenth-Century French Art; Gender Studies
  • Jennifer Jolly
    Professor - Latin American and Pre-Columbian Art
  • Risham Majeed
    Associate Professor - Museum Studies, African Art, and Medieval Art
  • Lauren O'Connell
    Professor - History of Architecture and Urbanism
  • Brian Quan
    Art Preparator - Handwerker Gallery
  • David Salomon
    Associate Professor - Architectural Design, Architectural History, Architectural Theory, Patterns
  • Zohreh Soltani
    Assistant Professor - Art, Architecture, and Urbanism of the Modern Middle East; Architectural Design
  • Gary Wells
    Associate Professor - 19th and 20th Century European Art
  • Julia Yang
    Administrative Assistant

Retired Department Members