Architectural Studies prepares students for a life in the design professions.

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Architectural Studies combines design and liberal arts courses to give students the skills they need to understand and transform the built environment in a more sustainable and equitable way.

Our multidisciplinary curriculum exposes students to the many sides of architecture. Studio classes in architecture and art deliver ample opportunities for students to learn-by-making. Students analyze and design buildings, landscapes, and cities from around the globe using a variety of digital and analog tools. Courses in architectural history and environmental studies provide students with the basic skills and the global perspective needed for understanding the relationship between ourselves and our environment. Many students augment their architectural education in study abroad programs. Ultimately, our majors graduate with the ability to draw effectively, read critically, and design creatively.

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One Major, Many Futures

An Architectural Studies degree from IC provides a path to careers in the design professions. Our graduates work in all corners of the building industry, with jobs in architecture firms, real estate developers, lighting consultants, and environmental consultants. Many of our alumni have gone on to professional graduate programs in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, historic preservation, urban design, and city planning.

Note: Students who wish to practice architecture and become licensed architects should pursue an NAAB accredited Master of Architecture degree after completion of the Architectural Studies B.A.

Our Alumni

Recent alumni are pursuing graduate studies or working in a variety of design fields.

Jennifer Lema, ’21, University at Buffalo, Master of Architecture.

Roshard Hercules, ’21, City College New York, Master of Architecture.

Alianna Becera, ’20, Junior Architectural Designer, LHP Architects, NYC.

Justina Bethune, ’20, Cornell University, Master of Urban Planning.

Alex Baker, ’18, Northeastern University, Master of Architecture.

Jill Gonchar, ’18, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Master of Architecture.

Josie Hover, ’18, AEI Consultants, Boston, MA.

Hali Keller, 18, University of Miami, Master of Architecture.

Taylor Brady, 17: Leasing and Operations Manager, GP Properties Management LLC.

Shelby Klooster, 16, Lighting Designer, RDG Planning Design.

Michael Rizk, 16, Junior Architect, HBT Architects, Rochester, NY.

Logan Weaver, 16, University of Pennsylvania, Master of Architecture.

Stephanie Sang, 13, Asst. Professor, Architecture, Michael Graves College of Architecture, Union, NJ.

Questions about majoring in architectural studies?

Contact: David Salomon, Architectural Studies Coordinator