• Dara Engler
    Associate Professor and Chair - Painting and Drawing
  • Paloma Barhaugh-Bordas 
    Assistant Professor - Printmaking, Drawing and Two-Dimensional Design
  • Brody Burroughs
  • Patti Capaldi
    Assistant Professor - Two-Dimensional Design, Graphic Design
  • Pamela Drix
    Lecturer - printmaking and drawing
  • Raymond Ghirardo
    Retired Professor - Sculpture and Computer Art and Animation
  • Bill Hastings
    Assistant Professor - Coordinator of the Creative Space Gallery, Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Sculpture, Theories of Art Practice, Introduction to Drawing, Three-Dimensional Design
  • Pat Hunsinger
    Lecturer - Drawing and Printmaking: Intaglio, Lithography, Relief, Serigraphy
  • Neil Infalvi
    Lecturer - Two Dimensional Design, Drawing
  • Christina Leung
    Lecturer - Sculpture, Three Dimensional Design
  • Maria McMahon
    Lecturer - Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Multidisciplinary Performative Art
  • Linda Price
    Lecturer - Painting/Drawing
  • Carla Stetson
    Associate Professor - Art Education. Intermediate and Advanced Drawing, Sustainability in Three-dimensional Design
  • Sarah Sutton
    Associate Professor - Painting, Drawing, Interdisciplinary Curriculum
  • Susan Weisend
    Retired Professor - Printmaking, Book Design and Drawing
  • Doreen Brown
    Administrative Assistant
  • Amber Lia-Kloppel
  • Joy Adams
    Emerita Professor
  • Harry McCue
    Emeritus Professor - Drawing; Intaglio and Relief Printmaking