Art Education B.A. - Final entry term: Fall 2021 

Interested in Art Education? Learn about IC’s “Teach in 5” program in which you can study art and then receive your masters in education! (IC students already enrolled in the undergraduate Art Education major will be supported through completion of their degree. For degree requirements, please refer to the Ithaca College catalog for the year in which you declared this major.)

Welcome to Art Education at Ithaca College

We believe that the most dynamic art educators are practicing artists who understand the creative process first hand. If you would like to use your insights and knowledge of art making to make a difference in the lives of young people, then art education may be the field for you. At its best, artistic creation can empower young people, fostering accomplishment and agency; and the feelings of hope and possibility.  You can help to make this happen.

Art Education at Ithaca College allows you to combine your creative drive and your appreciation for the myriad forms of art throughout history with the professional preparation you need to communicate that passion to young people. In studio and art history classes you gain broad experience with media and expressive styles. In advanced studio classes you have the opportunity to develop your own visual style. Early field experiences in your education classes help build the practical strategies and skills to enable you to be a successful K-12 art educator. Small class sizes ensure that you get plenty of individual attention as you develop your skills. Public schools in Ithaca and the surrounding are offer a variety of high quality art placements for student teaching. We seek to match you with just the right cooperating teacher for this important capstone experience. Many of our art education alumni are now teaching in the area, so it is possible to be placed with an Ithaca College graduate from our program!

One of the most exciting events for all Education majors at Ithaca College is the Urban Education Experience. We have a partnership with the Frederick Douglass Academy in New York City. After developing and practicing lessons our class travels with all the education majors to Manhattan for four days of intensive observation and teaching practice. For many students the experience is transformative.

If you have questions about Art Education at Ithaca College, please e-mail Bill Hastings at bhastings@ithaca.edu