Dallas Fonseca (Bioc and Math ’18)  (Advisor, Te-Wen Lo) received Two Prestigious Scholarships! 

  • Barry Goldwater Scholarship, one of the most distinguished awards offered in the sciences.
  • He was also selected to be part of the renowned—and also competitive—Amgen Scholars Program, and will spend this summer working in a lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Dallas Fonseca (Bioc and Math ’18)  (Advisor, Te-Wen Lo). Conduct research in a lab at UT-Dallas for the summer of 2016.

My current research project works in collaboration with Dr. Zakary Campbell at UT-Dallas, so with the DANA I will be traveling to Dallas Texas to work with Dr. Campbell and extend my current research with Te-Wen Lo here at Ithaca College. My project focuses on studying RNA binding proteins essential for cell differentiation in the germline of Caenorhabditis elegans. During the early development of all complex organisms, their cells must undergo a differentiation from pluripotent stem cells into either somatic or germ cells. Germ cells are then faced with another critical decision, to become sperm or oocytes. However, this process is not a random occurrence and is highly regulated by a series of molecules in order to ensure proper differentiation, such as proteins and mRNA. This summer, I propose to us C. elegans to study the role of PUF domain proteins (one class of RNA binding proteins) in cell differentiation. Two PUF domain proteins, PUF-8 and FBF play a critical role in germline development in C. elegans. (Bachorik, 2005) Both proteins contain RNA binding domains but the RNA sequences preferred by each protein is different. Previous research has shown that alterations in the RNA binding domain of FBF can greatly alter FBF signaling specificity (Bachorik, 2005). Our hypothesis is that changes in the RNA binding domain of PUF-8 will alter its specificity such that it will no longer bind RNA usually bound to PUF-8, but will instead bind FBF specific RNA sequences.

Dr. James D. Albert ’78 and Bette Ann Sacks Albert ’80 Scholarship:

Awarded to a student who is planning to pursue a career as an allopathic physician and who has demonstrated a financial need.

  • Benjamin Jung, biochemistry '16

  • Katrina Piemonte, biochemistry '16

H&S Scholarships:

  • NM Morris Family Foundation Scholarship:  Awarded to a student majoring in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, or physics, with demonstrated financial need.

Megan Wirth, biochemistry '17

  • George A. Gonzales-Gallardo ’79 Scholarship: Awarded to students recommended by the faculty of the Department of Biology. Established in memory of George A. Gonzales-Gallardo.

Katrina Piemonte, biochemistry '16

  • Larry Metzger, M.S. ’87, Memorial Scholarship: Awarded to junior or senior majoring in biology, biochemistry, or chemistry with demonstrated significant financial need. The recipient must also have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.2 and intend to pursue an advanced degree in science other than a medical degree. Established by Ithaca College in conjunction with donations from Larry's family, colleagues, and friends to honor and remember his many contributions and great dedication to the College community for over 30 years. 

Siera Rosen, biochemistry '16

Sigma Xi Inductees 2015

Congratulations to the newest Sigma Xi Inductees!

  • Dave Gondek, Assistant Professor
  • Katie Luckett, Biochemistry
  • Reyal Hoxie, Biochemistry
  • Jaime Lisack, Biochemistry
  • Lauren Ryan, Biochemistry


Fred Kastenbaum PreHealth Award.

  Katrina Piemonte, Biochem '16,  is among the recipients of the award. 

The award is to be used for assistance with preparation for the required standardized exams associated with admittance to graduate health programs such as: MCAT, DAT,  OAT, GRE.   Recipients must have a clear indication of career goals and reasons for pursuing those goals, as well has having a record of academic performance that is competitive for admission to the indicated graduate program. Over the past few years, she has shadowed several doctors from different specialties to get a firsthand look at the variety that the medical field offers. She will decide her specialty once in medical school.

Stephen D. and Mary C. Ford Family Scholarship Fund

  • Lauren Ryan, Biochemisty '16. Support summer phylogenetic research in genus Gurania. Under the supervision of Susan Witherup. 2014.

Congratulations, H&S Scholarship Recipients!

2014-15 Biochemistry Recipients:

NM Morris Family Foundation Scholarship:

  • uby Benn, bioc ‘15
  • Siera Rosen, bioc ‘16

Flo and Jack Bernard Scholarship:

  • Colleen Feeney, bioc ‘15

Larry Metzger, M.S. ’87, Memorial Scholarship:

  • Reyal Hoxie, bioc '15

Dr. James D. Albert ’78 and Bette Ann Sacks Albert ’80 Scholarship recipient:

  • Ruby Benn (bioc '14) is among the three


Fred Kastenbaum PreHealth Award Recipients

Charles De-Ganga, Biochemistry’14

I am currently interested in general surgery and plastic surgery as specializations are concerned, but I am staying open to all experiences in medical school. I hope to be able to return to my home country of Nigeria to contribute to the betterment of health care system there. Having lived in Nigeria for 18 years of my life, I am well aware of the need for better health care professionals and facilities, and would like to set up a practice there as well.

Benjamin Jung, Biochemistry ‘16

His dream is to become a physician to help people who are suffering from physiological problems.   To learn more about the profession he has travelled to Costa Rica and Nicaragua to volunteer.  He also participated in a program in Thailand that allowed him to do clinical rotations . This experience confirmed his interest and desire to continue to medical school.

Elista Stoyanova (Biochemistry ’14) received a BBB Research Scholarship

The BBB Research Scholarship is to support her research project, “In vivo tracking of CART neuropeptide dynamics in Danio rerio”.  The results of the research will be presented at a future convention and may be published in BIOS.   Research conducted under the supervision of Ian Woods.


CART (cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript) is a neuropeptide with functions in behaviors such as food intake, body weight maintenance, and reward. The aim of this research project is to elucidate the in vivo dynamics of the expression, release, transport and receptor localization of the CART peptide. We plan to accomplish this through four main steps, using Split GFP as a reporter of CART localization. First, we will generate plasmid reagents that will enable an inducible cart-gfp11 (hs-gfp-11) and a ubiquitously-expressed gfp1-10 (actin-gfp1-10).  Second, we will test the functionality of the hs-cart-gfp11 via established behavioral assays. Third, we will create transgenic zebrafish for the hs-cart-gfp11 and actin-gfp1-10 construct,confirm their fluorescence in transiently-transgenic larvae, and generate stable lines for these transgenes. Finally, we will generate reagents for genome editing via CRISPR or TALEN technologies to introduce the gfp11 label to the CART gene on its endogenous locus. Taken together, these experiments will elucidate the dynamics of CART signaling in the context of a living, functioning brain.

Andrew Becker, Biochemistry '13, announced as the current The John Bernard Scholar.  Andrew is among the 2013 Phi Kappa Phi Presidential Scholar Award Winners.

The awards are made to students achieving the highest level of academic performance combined with exceptional depth and breadth of interest and outstanding community service.  Andrew is the Director of Internal Communications for the Senior Class Cabinet, President of the Pre-Medical Society, President of the Diabetes Awareness Club, and a Group Leader for Ithaca College’s Relay for Life, which raises money for the American Cancer Society. Andrew also serves as a Teaching Assistant and Academic Enrichment Services tutor at Ithaca College for chemistry courses.


Andrew Becker (Biochemistry '14)  is recipient of this academic year Jason Dickens Memorial Book Award as well as the Chemistry Book Award.  Andrew began at IC as a Biology major.  During his sophomore year he changed to Biochemistry and is currently a senior whom is succeeding with this IC experiences and studies. 

Andrew is also among the Peggy R. Williams Award for Academic and Community Leadership recognizes juniors and seniors who excel academically, perform service to the College community and nation, and represent an exemplary level of accomplishment.

Josh Messinger (Bioc '14) has received funding to support his project, "Evaluation of Recombination across Chlamydia Species".  The research will be conducted under the supervision of Dave Gondek

Currently, we are using Chlamydia as a model organism to explore the relationship it takes with its host and how it creates a “hostile takeover” of the host cell. The current project that I am working on explores how these organisms may be increasing the presence of host proteins that prevent the host from dying in the Chlamydia’s presence.

The award was made possible by the: Larry Metzger, M.S. '87, Memorial Scholarship and the H&S Educational Grant Initiative.


H&S Educational Grant Initiative (EGI) and/or Ithaca Fund Recipients:

  • Stefan Haugen, Biochemistry ’13, received funding  from EGI to support his summer '12 research project, "Host-Pathogen relationship in fresh water amoeba”, with David Gondek.
  • Rachel Noyes, Biochemistry ’13, received funding from the EGI and the Ithaca Fund to help support her Spring research project with Ian Woods, "Molecular Mechanisms of Somatosensory Development and Function"

DeAsia Gilmer is recipient of this year’s Thomas Morrin Jones Memorial Scholarship.  DeAsia began at IC in Chemistry.  During her sophomore year she changed to Biochemistry and is in her senior year.  She has successfully completed many challenging science courses and maintains a high GPA.

Thomas J. Metzger '02 and David C. Metzger '05 Undergraduate Research Fund

  • Adam Longwich, Biochemistry ’13, received support for his research project on: "Exploring the low copy s/t phos gene" with Susan Swensen.


Fred Kastenbaum PreHealth Award  recipients:

  • Philip Feinberg,  Biochemistry ‘11.   After experiencing the excitement of research, he quickly realized that medicine alone would not be enough. Phil hopes to attend a MD/PhD program so he can become a medical researcher.  Currently his greatest scientific and medical interest is the role that microRNAs play in the development and progression of cancer. As a MD/PhD, he would like to have a lab that looks to understand how microRNA deregulation results in cancer, and design novel therapeutics that could be used in the treatment of cancer. He would like to specialize in oncology and work to treat patients with various forms of cancer, while his lab works to identify potential drug targets. 
  • DeAsia Gilmer, Biochemistry/Psychology ‘12.  DeAsia’s career goal is to become a neurosurgeon at a hospital in Baltimore, MD.  She has always wanted to become a doctor ever since she was a child because she has always been amazed at how the nervous system works. She continues to be intrigued at how the tiny, cellular and molecular processes that occur in the nervous system, control the complex actions and behaviors that we perform.  She wants to become a doctor in order to help people with neurological disorders overcome their disease and maintain the best quality of life they can. DeAsia has recently begun volunteering at Cayuga Medical Center as a Patient Advocate with the Customer Relations department. In this position, she works closely with nursing staff to provide patients in the Emergency Department with the best quality stay by maximizing communication between staff and patients and providing comfort and support to patients and their families.

Adam Longwich ('13) has received a research grant from two sources to support his research with Susan Swensen.

  1. The Rochester Academy of Science is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing its members and the community with a means to study and learn about astronomy, anthropology, the life sciences, minerals, and fossils.
  2. The H&S Educational Grant Initiative supports activities and projects that promote student learning and achievement. Generous donations from Ithaca College alumni to the Ithaca Fund for H&S provide the funding for this program.

Adam's project is a evolutionary genetic analysis of a group of plants in the genus Gurania that belong to the pumpkin family.  These plants are flowering Neotropical vines that are found in Central and South America.  Early in their life, the vines produce male flowers and climb up into the canopy.  Once they reach a certain size, the vines begin to produce female flowers in pendulous inflourescences that are visited by hummingbirds and butterflies.  They also serve as hosts to fruit flies in the genus Blepharoneura where as many as seven different species of flies may parasitize a single species of Gurania.  Currently, there is no clear picture of evolutionary relationships in this group of plants.  Adam is working to decipher these relationships using DNA sequences from the chloroplast genome.

Philip Feinberg (Biochemistry '13)  has received an award from Sigma Xi to help support his travel to attend the Experimental Biology meeting in Washington, DC where he will present his research under the guideance of Jean Hardwick.


Phi Kappa Phi:  Biochemistry Initiates

  • Cole Lechleiter
  • Matt Zeitler

Paulen A. Smith Chapter of Sigma Xi: Biochemistry Inductees

  • Jason Diaz, Associate Member
  • Eric Van Fleet, Associate Member

The Campus Life Award is given each year to a select group of graduating seniors in order to recognize their outstanding contributions to the Ithaca College community through participation and involvement in campus life.  In order to be nominated for this prestigious award, students must have been extensively involved in a number of areas of campus life and have demonstrated significant leadership abilities and accomplishments.

Biochemistry recipients of the 2009-2010 Campus Life Awards include:

  • Shanique Edwards, Biochemistry/French, School of Humanities and Sciences
  • Cole Lechleiter, Biochemistry, School of Humanities and Sciences
  • Matthew Zeitler, Biochemistry, School of Humanities and Sciences


Daniel Wald is among the 10 IC recipients of the Campus Life Award. The Campus Life Award is given each year to a select group of graduating seniors in order to recognize their outstanding contributions to the Ithaca College community through participation and involvement in campus life. Over the years this award has become a coveted goal and valued honor.  In order to be nominated for this prestigious award, students must have been extensively involved in a number of areas of campus life and have demonstrated significant leadership abilities and accomplishments.

Phi Kappa Phi inductees must be of good character and possess notable academic achievements. To qualify for membership, juniors must be in the upper 5 percent of their class and maintain a 3.7 grade point average; seniors must maintain a 3.6 grade point average and be in the upper 10 percent of their graduating class; graduate and professional students must rank in the upper 10 percent of all graduate and professional students currently enrolled and have been registered  for at least two semesters.  The seniors inducted this year have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.8 or better; the juniors, 3.8 or better and the graduate students, 3.9 or better.

The Biochemistry student inductee is:

  • Cole Lechleiter (Biochemistry '10)

Students and Faculty Inducted into Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society Ten students and four faculty members were inducted into Sigma Xi, the scientific research society, on April 29. The students and faculty were elected to membership because of their research achievements or potential.  The following are from the Biology Department and Biochemistry program:

  Students, their majors, and faculty sponsors:

  • Jason Diaz, biochemistry (Professor Marina Caillaud)
  • Allison E. Girasole, biology (Professor Jean Hardwick)
  • Lauren A. Houdek, biology (Professor Jean Hardwick)
  • Eric Van Fleet, biochemistry (Professor Marina Caillaud)

Congratulations to the first year student Dean's List recipients:

  • Yu Yu Chan (Biochemistry)
  • Nathaniel Hedlt (Biochemistry)


Colleen O'Loughlin is one of the two to recive the C. P. Snow Scholar Award.  The Award recognizes a high-achieving student "who has successfully combined scientific and humanistic studies at Ithaca College."  Colleen has served as president of the Ithaca College Chemistry Club, and worked as a teaching assistant during the spring 2008 semester for the new interdisciplinary course, Chemistry and Art, co-taught by art history professor Gary Wells and Michael Haaf, associate professor of chemistry.  View the Intercom story here.

First Year Student Dean's List Recipients

  • Melaine Braun
  • Emmeline Capel
  • Dennis Feliciano

Caitlin Baran and Dan Wald (both Biochemistry students) are among the recipients of the 2008 Peggy R. Williams award, provided by The Center for Student Leadership & Involvement.  All the students nominated must be juniors or seniors and meet multiple requirements.  A selection committee meets to deliberate on the applications of each of the students and selects the ones they feel most aptly represent the spirit of the award.